1. amjayes:

    "Of course I like the Nurburgring. Not only for the racing, but the whole affair. It demands the most from a driver, and it is ideally suited for setting up a car and testing. You do have to concentrate 100%, especially over the jumps, but they really are a lot of fun, unique. Should they be eliminated? You must be crazy! They are what makes the Nurburgring so special. Of course they have to stay." - Hans-Joachim Stuck in 1977.

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  2. moarrrmagazine:

    Goodwood Festival of Speed - 2014 
    photographed by Peter Aylward

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    RWB Garage

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  8. duncadelicrallying:

    Robert Droogmans testing his Porsche 911 SC RS in 1984 and he is as sideways as ever.

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